1 Mindset So You Will Be A Successful Developer?

It’s Simpler Than You Think!

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1 Mindset So You Will Be A Successful Developer?
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So many developers are focussing on success, but what is success? Why do they all want to become 10x developers? Is it something everyone can achieve? Or is it only for the best of the best?

What Is Success?

Everyone has a different definition of success. Mine can be completely different than yours, and that is the beauty of it!

It doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes! It means that you take essential lessons out of your failures and use them to your advantage.

Winston Churchill once said:

Success is not final, Failure is not Fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts!

I believe this is the right attitude to become a successful developer. Successful developers still make mistakes; we are all humans, after all, right. As long as we turn our failures into successes, we will be successful.

A junior developer can be as successful as a senior developer. It doesn’t matter how long you are doing your job as a developer. It matters that you don’t let failure stop you.

For me, success can be that other developers easily understand the code I wrote, but the code is still performant. For you, success can be, working on an application with Angular and hosting it on AWS.

Success is for everyone different.

How To Achieve Success as a Developer?

First of all, don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Because being successful as a developer doesn’t stop at the point when you make mistakes, no, do everything with the best intention and best of your knowledge.

For example, suppose you are designing the architecture for a high-performance application. In that case, you will do your research, think about the failures you made in the past and apply those lessons to create good architecture.

At some point, you are happy with the architecture you have designed.

I believe you won’t achieve success all by yourself. I think you achieve it with the help of others. So let others review your work. This is a way to learn from the mistakes of others; this is not to define you as not good enough.

Since you can’t achieve success by doing everything perfectly, you have to learn from your own and others’ mistakes.

What Is A Successful Developer?

A successful developer is not defined by many years of experience, nor a junior, medior, senior, or lead developer. It’s determined by how you can turn failures into lessons and apply them in your daily work.

It doesn’t matter if you dream in code or searching the web every day for code. As long as you progress and learn something new every day, you will be a successful developer.

If you are a Junior Developer or CodeNewbie, I highly recommend this post “A junior developers guide to success” by Tomas Eglinskas, which gives some highly practical tips

How To Stay Succesful As Developer

It’s all in the mindset.

Does happens to the most and best of us. Sometimes there will be days when you have no motivation or energy to code. Those are the moments when you need to take a break and look at your work from a broader perspective.

Those are the moments where you can look back on what you already learned last weeks or months. Since our work takes so much energy from our brains, it’s good to write it down for yourself.

Don’t forget the things that made you secretly proud! Write them down! They are valuable for you! They help you stay successful.


Others do not define a successful developer! Okay, sometimes it feels great that others define us as successful. But the most important person on this earth is yourself.

As long as you look to yourself as a successful developer, you are not afraid to make mistakes and turn those mistakes into valuable lessons.

That is the point where you are a successful developer!


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