Define NodeJS, NPM, and TypeScript version in your Package.json

Define NodeJS, NPM, and TypeScript version in your Package.json

Dev By RayRay
Β·Mar 19, 2021Β·

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I think this is a pretty unknown feature in the package.json. But you can define what version a computer needs to be able to run your project.

I discovered this because I did get different error’s on a Next.js project than my team members. The issue was because we were using different versions of Node & TypeScript.

Right now, I defined this in our package.json, so everyone gets a message they have other versions. This configuration reminds people to update their Node and TypeScript.

    //.... more configuration package.json  
    "engines": {  
        "tsc": "3.7.2",  
        "node": "14.16.0",  
        "npm" : "7.6.3"  

I hope this will help you create better applications and get fewer errors πŸ˜…


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