How to validate BSN, PGN & OWN in the Netherlands with TypeScript/JavaScript

Learn How To Use The Elfproef for dutch identification numbers

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How to validate BSN, PGN & OWN in the Netherlands with TypeScript/JavaScript

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The BSN, PGN and OWN in the Netherlands can be validated with a 11 proef (elf proef). In this post I show you the JavaScript and TypeScript code.

In the Netherlands, we have a few identification numbers from the government. In this example, you can create a function to validate both of them based on the specification.

  • BSN = Burgerservice nummer
  • PGN = Burgerservice nummer in schools where the student doesn't have a BSN. The PGN is also called OWN.


How to use the code?

Define the function in your code and call it like this:

TypeScript example

elfProefValidation('114435231', ElfproefType.own); // returns true;
elfProefValidation('34564366349', ElfproefType.own); // returns false;
// BSN
elfProefValidation('232262536', ElfproefType.bsn); // returns true;
elfProefValidation('247594057', ElfproefType.bsn); // returns false;

JavaScript example

elfProefValidation('114435231', 'own'); // returns true;
elfProefValidation('34564366349', 'own')); // returns false;
// BSN
elfProefValidation('232262536', 'bsn')); // returns true;
elfProefValidation('247594057', 'bsn')); // returns false;

Working version

I created a working version on RunKit . Make sure you select Node version 17.




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