The Newest and Fastest Frontend Bundler: ViteπŸš€

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Β·Mar 11, 2021Β·

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The Newest and Fastest Frontend Bundler: ViteπŸš€

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These years the frontend development tools are popping up like mushrooms from the ground! One is better or suits your workflow better than the other.

Recently I discovered, build by Evan You, the starter of the framework Vue.js.

What is Vite.js?

It’s blazingly fast, supports TypeScript out of the box, and uses ESM modules. Vite.js is a perfect tool for building your Vue, React, and Vanilla JavaScript projects.

The simplicity of setting up Vite.js is why I choose this tool for my prototyping projects in TypeScript & React. But also, when building a JavaScript Library, Vite is a perfect choice.


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